104 Signal Squadron 1970 - '71

The Abraham Club

Signalman Dennis E. Abraham

Killed near Fire Support Base Blackhorse

29 September 1968


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Memorial Wall Psychadelia

Rush hour


Darts anyone??



  Two cans per man per night?? Perhaps!!  

It's "Troopie Time"

Some of the blokes and where they lived.

Ullo, Ullo!!


Who let the dogs out?


Allan Brown


Twosome anyone?


Happy to be here


Morning ablutions


Like 'Wow Man"


The best furniture


Wet. Always wet.


Under the rubber







Terry Aucher Brian Panting Caesar's Palace Biker country Derek Kerr

See the postscript on his page. Thanks Terry.





Thanks to Dave and Andy for your help

Mess hall? Home sweet home The Theatre Short!!! Lazing around
Barry Radio Troop shack What a joke!!! Goodnight