There seems to be no limit as to what a man can do

If he's buoyed up by the current of an "I believe in you",

He can climb the highest mountain, swim the widest sea,

He can be whatever person he believes himself to be.


Now when I say a man can do these things, I hope you know,

That a woman, too, can match a man and go where he can go,

So I'm speaking of mankind, and of what this team can do,

If they both support each other, and say, "I believe in you".


It's amazing how a person, though he thinks himself so small,

When he knows someone's behind him, can dig down and give his all,

And sometimes surprise himself at what he now can do,

He has found this well of strength from an "I believe in you".


Such a startling revelation, when you've done all you can do,

To step back and see you've done all you really wanted to,

And you know you owe the thanks for these dreams of yours come true,

To the faith of all the people who said, "I believe in you".


Greg Bell