To Bob Milne


I met you recently, Bob Milne:

I like you already - you're friendly.

In Christ, you are my Brother;

More important than Him is no other.

You've told me some of the things you are

For example, a Canadian veteran of the Vietnam War.

You lost all your comrades, your buddies

To no less than the worst of enemies.

Coming home, there was no welcome;

Only the daily life, humdrum.

Then, a-courting you did go;

Just to later find more woe.

Every time you had a wife,

A supposed buddy created strife.

Now, you are married to wife number five;

I pray that this marriage will stay alive.

I know the life of a veteran is hard;

Those who think it isn't are full of lard. 

A poem about our US flag you did write

She's practicing to be a song fixed up right.

Your patriotism rings so true

Something our enemies will always rue.

Your love for our Country, so prideful and free

Shows clearly through your actions, speech, and loyalty.

However, freedom has a dear price to pay;

And yet, our fears are never totally allayed.

9-11 rings loud and clear

2001 was a fateful year.

1991, Operation Desert Shield

They started training our men for the field.

By the year 1992,

Operation Desert Storm really came true.

Without any contact, I knew my high school love went to fight;

I also knew when they came home, that he was alive - he was all right.

He was my high school sweetheart - soulmates for life;

Later, I was to be his second wife.

Our marriage didn't last long

Due to his medication, things went terribly wrong.

Bob, I love that man to this very day;

But he wouldn't remarry me - then, he moved away.

We were also somewhat unequally yoked;

He, our divorce provoked.

This poem is from my heart

I tell you our lives fell apart.

However, this poem is really about you;

And it's easy to see that your love for God and Country rings true.

I'm so glad that Jean is willing to stand by her man;

And that you, dear Bob, love our land.

America - the land of the brave and free;

And Canada - lands for you and me.

I'll never understand men so dedicated to give up their lives;

Giving up so much - the men's families and their wives.

 I know only that my own loyalty is longer than the day

Bob, only you can answer, does everyone feel that way???

 My dear friend, I have so many questions and answers I have none

Only Jesus, He's the Only One.

I say, "Look up to Him; He's the Only Way

He is the One I walk with day by day."

Without Him, I couldn't make it - and neither could you;

My precious friend, you know it's true.

Well, the hour is drawing late:

I just want you to know that you, I appreciate.

Maybe one day in Heaven we'll meet;

You'll see me walking the golden streets.

We will be praising the Lord

For the truthfulness of His Word.

 I'm a Prayer Warrior too;

And to Jesus I'll always be true.

When I'm worn-down and by the enemy beguiled;

Then I look up to my Savior for His Smile.

Yes, I too get weary and tired my friend:

But, we know the One Whose Friendship will never end!

So, whenever you see my little smiley faces;

They're not from me, but Heavenly Places!


Emma Poteat

28 September 2002