Dear Dad,

There is nowhere to go,, to lay a rose, there is no
birthday card to send , no father's day for me.
There is a wall I have seen, sat for hours and looked upon
your name, my life will never be the same,
The first time I saw it, there for the world to see.
You met your grand daughter today, as she met you,
her eyes met mine , I had no answer.
How could I, I never knew.
I met a friend there too, it was Sam's son, Sam Jr.
We shared lifes, for the first time we knew we were
related through fate. We talked of the past and how it was,
growing up with out our fathers, each of us with the
same thoughts.
So this page is for you , You gave your life for me,
Our family, and Our country.
I have such pride, to carry you in my soul, and thank you
for being my dad, and the man you believed you needed to be.
I have missed you  but you seem to always be here with
me, always watching over me, I feel it all around.
Soon this decade will be over, and with it we begin a new millenium.
Oh, I hoped we would have had you home so long ago but now
it seems this will never be. POW/MIA my country still in
firm belief but no confirmation.
How can they just forget?
There is no roses for you today,
only angels from me to you and you to me.
Love Your Daughter, Diane,
And Your Granddaughter, Leahney
Throughout Eternity



Diane Moore

Daughter of CMSGT Thomas Moore USAF

POW/MIA 31 October 1965


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