A Soldier's Story


I did my duty and answered my country's call.

I went to war and saw many of my comrades fall.

I served my country, oh so proudly,

So why have you FORGOTTEN ME?


You remember on Memorial Day,

those who served and passed away.

The flags, the uniforms, the bands you see,

but why have you FORGOTTEN ME?


I am the veteran who made it home,

sometimes to a hero's welcome.

But after awhile I become just a memory.

Why have you FORGOTTEN ME?


Even though the war I served is gone,

the aftereffects still linger on.

I gave so proudly, so unselfishly,

but you have FORGOTTEN ME!


I might be in a wheelchair or walk with a cane,

but I fought for my country, so I don't complain.

I didn't forget you while I was doing my duty,

so why have you FORGOTTEN ME?


So next time when someone says 'put our wars behind us',

stand up and make quite a fuss.

Say 'it's our nation's obligation to remember those who served so proudly',



Written by Debby Peare