What glory does war hold,

To bearers of bloody weapons?

What glory comes to home,

When mothers are in their grief?


What glory are the tears,

On mud caked faces?

As they cascade down,

Upon fallen comrades


What glory are the drops,

Of blood upon the ground?

Pooled under fallen men.

Who sacrificed their lives.


What glory is victory,

From gory battlefields?

Where soldiers lie still,

With open unseeing eyes.


Where is the lasting glory,

That crowns men-at-arms?

That wraps its gleaming mantle,

Around the living and the dead.


Glory shines everlasting,

In those who serve our Nation.

Patriots willing to fight when called,

In deserts, skies, paddies or seas.


Stalwart soldiers, sailors and Marines,

Protecting freedoms of our Nation.

Valiant, brave men and women,

Who's service is untarnished.


Glory formed in their hearts,

Beating of "Honor!, Duty!, Country!"

Glory that is on the battlefield,

In every tear and drop of blood.


Copyright 19 June 1998 - Douglas Rendel Bergman