After your war, you came home again.

In outward appearance you seem quite sane.

But there is anger and pain and nightmares too.

Some nights you wonder if you'll ever get through.


Your loved ones tell you they really do care,

And with you the nightmares they're willing to share.

But you just can't tell them, you're locked up inside,

So all the anger and insanity you try to hide.


They finally give up and you drift apart,

This final betrayal is a knife in your heart.

Your friends have all gone and you're all alone,

Fighting for survival now out on your own.


In sheer frustration you turn to the bottle,

And begin living your life at full throttle.

You listen to sad songs trying to cry,

But the tears won't come, however you try.


Though you try, the insanities remain,

And suicidal thoughts enter your brain.

In utter despair you visit a shrink,

Hoping he'll teach you how not to think.


Slowly the madness begins to subside,

As you slow down from this crazy ride.

With all life's niceties you want to conform,

Hoping this insanity will finally reform.


Things seem much better and you're feeling okay,

And you think your insanity has gone away.

But every so often it breaks out again,

Just to remind you ..... you're still insane!!!


Lee O'Neill - 28 July 1998