A Soldier's Story


I was young when my country said,

'Uncle Sam Wants You!'

Being patriotic and proud,

There was only one thing to do.


I was told that my country needed me

and I never questioned 'Why?'

I just signed on the dotted line

and kissed my family goodbye.


I went into training and learned

how to kill the enemy.

Preparing for the time to go

to a country across the sea.


The day finally came when

it was time for me to leave.

To help another country fight for freedom,

was what I was led to believe.


So I went into battle and fought

to help set another country free.

Killing, bombing and rifle fire

was all around me.


Days turned into weeks,

and weeks seemed like years,

as I saw many young soldiers die

and wiped away my tears.


As I held one young soldier

and he said one last goodbye,

I wondered how many more

would have to fight and die.


I wondered who would tell

this young soldier's family,

that he died a hero giving his life,

taking a bullet for me.


When the battle ended

and I made it through somehow.

I remembered that young soldier,

and made a solemn vow.


I vowed to tell all who would listen

how one hero answered his Country's call.

So that maybe young soldiers never have to again,

become just names upon a wall.


Written by Debby Peare