The Legacy

I came home one day after working hard;
my body was tired and my life felt scarred.
My mind was swirling with the tests of the day,
was much too tired....too tired to play.

I remembered a time when life was this way
the challenges so many, I couldn't even pray.
What kept me going was the question that came
because the road I was traveling all seemed the same.

The answer wasn't quick but it finally arrived
my comrades had helped....helped me survive.
Vietnam had tried to rob me it's true,
my losses took my mind....and made me blue.

The thought of their deeds was just like fresh air
and a still small voice said....don't you despair.
Our deeds are alive because you live as our voice,
our country is strong with its options and choice.

So when life feels scarred by the tests of the day
and you feel too tired....too tired to pray,
Remember those that left you and what they did
so that you could go on......go on and live.

Jake Jacobsen