Fire Support Base Lynch

Long Kahn Province

September 1970


This base was used by members of the U.S. 2/25 Infantry Division as a means of interrupting the movements of the enemy D445 Battalion through the Long Kahn area and down further into Phuoc Tuy.

A four man liaison team comprising Lt John Winton (RNZIR), Pete Emmanuel, myself and another Sig (name unknown) were tasked with the job of ensuring that U.S. operations near the border of Long Kahn Province and Australian operations in Phuoc Tuy Province to it's south were always well coordinated.

Well, as coordinated as possible anyway, considering the terrain, the different qualities of the major unit troops involved, and frequently the short notice given when planning something.

FSB Lynch was only about two acres in size, and was stuck out in the middle of nowhere. It actually straddled the main road, which meant that between dawn and dusk the gates at each end had to be left open for the ever present traffic. This made for some "excellent" security, and you were never far from your weapon, or somewhere to hide if that brown stuff hit the chopper blades.

Lanh and Cho

Lanh Grass (no, not that kind) Cho and I
Chopper Nice puppy Bunker The Det boss
Sleeping rough A bit better Work Party? Another day over