Nui Dat

Just a few photos that managed to survive the years.

1 ATF HQ Kanga Pad Refuelling depot Airborne SAS Hill

It's Showtime

Two of the shows at Luscombe Bowl that I managed to catch. The performers remain a mystery, but the memory of those boots and miniskirts linger on forever. The date of the first show is unknown, but the second was in April 1971.

Vung Tau

Building safety?? Finished product!! A quiet day Street vendor You buy me Saigon Tea?


I have no idea where I got these slides from.  They are part of a "Face of Vietnam" series.

Le Van Duyet Memorial High School girls Statues in Temple Horse drawn carriage Market baskets

R & C

Drunkards all Off we go A "social worker" Birthday Bar chit
Photos from the Cap St Jacques area
    The "Sideways Bus"    



White Mice Markets Dust