Who is a P.O.W.-M.I.A.? He is my dad.
What is an M.I.A? It is my dad.
What is the P.O.W.'s family? People full of wishes.
Mothers, fathers, wives, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and someday grandchildren.
Do you know my dad? Is he your dad too?
Do you know if he is an MIA, POW, or KIA? Do you share your name with a name on the WALL?
Did you grow up like me, do you still hope like I do?
Do you wonder what it would have been like?
Did you cry when you saw other children with their dads, your friends?
Did you dream of graduation day, a wedding day, and the birth of a child
As you grew older did you ever want to ask your friends what is it like to have a dad?
One to teach you things, like how to drive a car, what to do on a date, am I pretty?
Did you have to stay quiet as a young one, a young teen as you were told during the early years of your fathers status you must not talk of him and what happened, it might cause a compromise for those waiting release.
Did you ever hear crying in the night, from sisters and brothers or your mom, or your own?
Did you ever get scared?
Did you ever ask is my dad alive or dead?
Were you like me?
Did you ever have someone tell you, it deserves your family and your dad to be in this position, because they opposed the Vietnam War, and he should have not been there.
Be where?
In the jungles, in a P.O.W. camp?
Lost as an M.I.A.? K.I.A?
No body to return.
Trapped in time throughout the years with people not of his kind, people who hated Americans and called them war criminals.
Were you like me and told that he died in captivity?
Were you like me full of questions but not one answer are you like me, does going to Washington DC mean visiting your dad on black granite. Or a trip to Arlington? Do you use a crayon to rub a name?


Diane Moore

Daughter of CMSGT Thomas Moore USAF

POW/MIA 31 October 1965

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