Tears Don't Change A Thing when It Comes To Viet Nam

A lot of times I cry silently inside
For my friends and their lives that never were
For friends of mine that died

Tears won't bring them home or cause their eyes to see
But each time I cry for a friend
I know he will live on
Inside of me

We didn't need to come marching home with bands and flags waving
We surely did not want to be rejected and seen
As drugged out killers with our guns a blazing

For thirty years since I came home
I have heard the crap about the villes we burned
How we killed V.C. and civilians while under attack
Heard Viet Nam mentioned only as a lesson learned
And a National loss we can't take back

I've heard the longest war Our Nation suffered through
Discussed in shame
Why is it us the men and women that suffered and died there
Who receive the most blame
Our country would prefer we cover our scars and not share
But hide our pain

None of you can give us back the lives we should have had
Or make up to a wife the loss of her husband
Or to a child the loss of their Mom or their Dad
You can't erase the years of nightmare
Or retract the painful things you said
You can't chase away the memories of our P.O.W. brothers
Who Our country now have given up for dead

We have a beautiful Memorial in Washington D.C.
It's standing there darkly etched
The names inscribed for all to see
For that with our country we are pleased
It was meant to bring us together with our country
And our pain to ease

But what of us the living
Do you see us as we pass by
Or are we just some of many faces in a crowd
Does Our sadness ever catch your eye
Do you want to know and love us
As for our losses
We do cry
And if you should recognize us
Would you stop
Or just walk on by


Larry Carson

April 4 2001

A Troop, 3/17th Air Cav
May 1969- June 1970