The Wall

Just a chunk of black granite
So what's the big deal
A bunch of names
But to me none are real
Just a bunch of names
That everyone wants to feel

As I gaze awhile longer
My mind becomes a blur
Now I am seeing faces
Where words once were
Faces of young lads
Ones I once knew
Not even men yet
But their lives were through

The faces are clear
As they appear one by one
But as for their names
I can remember none
That doesn't matter
There are names in every row
The faces I recognize
And to me their names will always be "Bro"

As we walk away
My feelings I hide
For all that are gone
Not a tear have I cried
You ask Are you okay?
I say I'm just fine
While deep down inside
My guts feel like a tangled vine

Just a chunk of black granite
Yes, that's what I said
But that was before the faces
Appeared in my head
If you visit the wall
You'll find you need not be a whiz
Just place a hand upon it
And you will know what the big deal is


Copyright 1999 J.Lashoones
U.S.M.C. '66 - '72
Vietnam 1968