Links to our brothers and sisters in arms from the other side of the world.


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Vietnam Veterans' Home Page

This site, put together by a very dedicated team, has more information on Vietnam, the era and the aftermath than I have seen anywhere. The 'Remembrance' Section alone could keep you absorbed for hours, and with continual updates to all areas you just have to keep coming back.


Mike & Terri Crow's Home Page


Dedicated to helping fellow Vets deal with the VA, and obtain the benefits you fought for and deserve.

This husband and wife team have set an excellent standard.


Welcome to the 25th Infantry (Tropic Lightning) Division Home Page

(A great bunch of blokes I had the pleasure of being attached to in Long Khanh Province, Sep - Dec '70 - Webmaster)


The ARL-23 in Vietnam

Bruce Schulze's tribute to his ship and those who sailed in her, as well as all the other members of the "Brown Water Navy"


Steve Stickley's Home Pages

Dedicated to ECHO 2/12 U.S. Marine Corps


To all POW/MIA's and their families everywhere



Welcome to 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) -- Image includes various patches worn at Ft Campbell 

101st Airborne Division Home Page


'Pleiku Pals' Home Page

This site is particularly devoted to all those who served in and around Pleiku during the Vietnam War. You don't have to have served there to join 'Pleiku Pals' though, so why not check it out. Well put together, and a credit to the members.



Come visit Willy's Place

A look at two trips to Vietnam 30 years apart, one voluntarily, the other not quite so.

There is also a lot more information here as well.



1st Cavalry Division Association

The Association is a soldier's and veteran's fraternity. It is non-political,

non-sectarian and nonprofit



Army Transport Association Vietnam



Vietnam Helicopter Crew Network


Women in the Military


Another site by Terri Crow. The name says it all, and definitely "Recommended Viewing", not only by those who look after Veterans, but by the Veterans themselves.

Check out this wonderful site. 


American Veterans Collection

This is a great site put together by Jim Chancellor


The Chief's Place

Take a look around. You won't be disappointed


The 189th Ghostriders Home Page


Dusty's Home Page

Army Nurses Corps, Republic of Vietnam

Dedicated to all the medical staff who worked so damned hard to try and put things right. Some beautiful and very moving

poetry here.



20th Engineer Battalion

A site  with a great pictorial history of the unit and those who served in it.



The 1/92nd Field Artillery
Association - Vietnam

As they say:

This website is provided for 1/92nd Veterans, their family members and friends, Veterans of affiliated units, and to all with interests in the 1/92nd.


My Backstage Vietnam

My Backstage Vietnam II

Sites by Mike Morrow

14th Combat Engineer Battalion



Visit for a real history lesson!


A special memorial page to George Burtchell USN



A pictorial history of one Veterans travels in the U.S. Air Force


Steve Houghton's 71St LRP and M Co 75th Ranger Site


Check out this site. It is a "must see."

This amazing site is maintained by a 12 year old girl who is devoted to the POW/MIA cause.

Vietnam...A Daughter Wants To Know.

A daughter's special tribute to her father James A Pingleton Sr.


Handicapped Veteran's Association

Alpena Arizona

The Handicapped Veteran's
Association was set up in 1978 by Neal Nichols, who was
in 554th Red Horse CES in Vietnam.


Home Page

Military Police of the Vietnam War

A tribute to the members who served in Vietnam



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