Vung Tau

The main logistical support base (1 ALSG) for the Australian forces in Vietnam, situated approximately 100 kilometres (65 miles) southeast of Saigon on the South China Sea.

Once a holiday resort for the rich and famous, it boasted one of the best stretches of beach in South Vietnam, and many once palatial villas could be found there. It was also the in-country rest and recreation area for all Australian troops.

The most common perception was that the town belonged to the allied forces during the daylight hours, and to the Viet Cong at night.



A Buddhist temple east of the Long Hai hills



The gates of one of the temples



Another temple in the same area



The rear of the temple undergoing construction

A statue of Buddha overlooking Vung Tau

The same statue showing it's immense size



A reclining Buddha in the same area



Looking towards Vung Tau township from the Buddhas



Another view from the same area



A street vendor at the Vung Tau markets


More street vendors selling all types of merchandise


Would you like to eat any of this food?

Looks like he's selling beer, and warm at that.


One of the less palatial parts of Vung Tau.


The place was bad enough in the dry. Could you imagine what it was like during the monsoon season.

It was amazing how much they could load into these baskets without breaking either their back or the pole.

A "Cyclo", one of the most common and cheapest forms of transport.

"The Flags" in the centre of Vung Tau.


A temporary bridge on Route 15 between Vung Tau and Baria.


A vendor's shack on Route 15.


Hoa Long market place.

The entrance to Dat Do township.

Another view of Dat Do.