These are sites I've found particularly interesting while touring the Net. Their content range is diverse, and their quality is outstanding.


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dolls

A site dedicated to three ladies and the magnificent work they do in creating these porcelain masterpieces.

Radio For All Australians

A great concept to try and bring radio to those Australians who are illiterate, shut-in for whatever reason or would like to hear things like those good old 'serials' again.

Beyond ... The Black Stump

Want to know anything about sport in Australia, or a lot of other topics as well? Then this is the site to go to. If something's not covered here, then it isn't really a sport. Amazing!!!


Who said computers and the Internet are only for the young? Here you will find people who have the experience of their years, and are young at heart as well. They could teach a lot of others a thing or two.

Kendra's Page

If you are after stunning graphics, brilliant poetry and links to numerous equally beautiful sites, then this is the place for you.

A beautiful lady, who has done an outstanding amount of work in setting up this site.

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