I'm not going to try to duplicate the excellent work done already on other sites by those who know their subject material far better than I ever will.

Rather, I'll point you in their direction, and let your tour of discovery take you to wherever you wish to head. May your journey be a fruitful one.

If you know of a site that could be interesting to others, tell me about it and I'll add a reference to it here.


Before we go to the interesting stuff though I'll bore you with a bit about myself. My name is John Casey and I served in South Vietnam as a Radio Operator with 104 Signal Squadron, Nui Dat, from July '70 to July '71.

During that time I was attached to Task Force HQ, 3 months with elements of the U.S. 2/25th Infantry at Fire Support Base Lynch and Xuan Loc in Long Khanh Province, and with the Engineers as NCOIC of their Radio Unit.

Like everyone who served in that country, there were good times and bad, but it is the good times I prefer to remember.

I moved to Hervey Bay, Queensland, which is about 300 k's north of Brisbane, our Capital City, with my wife Sue and our four children in 1980. Most of my early life was spent in Melbourne, Victoria (but hey, I can't help where I was born, right??)


This site is aimed not only at Australians who served, but also our Kiwi and American friends and comrades. So if you have anything to contribute feel free, no matter where you are from.


Now to the rest of the site.

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