My year through a camera lens


Like a lot of us my camera was never far away from me, and I used it to capture as much as I could of the sights of the country and it's people.

What I've put together in these pages is a pictorial history covering as much of those twelve months as possible. It's by no means a complete account, because I took literally hundreds of slides and photos. I still have many more to scan and perhaps include here, but it takes time and plenty of patience. The former I have a fair bit of, the latter perhaps not as much as I would like. So if you would like to check back from time to time, you will see more unfold.

Unfortunately the years have taken their toll on a lot of the photos, but I've reproduced them as best as modern technology (or at least my knowledge of it) will allow me to.

The names of some people pictured elude me, so if you recognise yourself or somebody else please feel free to enlighten me and I'll update things.

By clicking on the small photos you will be taken to a larger image.

If you have any info, please email me here


104 Signal Squadron Nui Dat Abraham Club, Radio Troop Lines and Other photos
Nui Dat and Vung Tau Around the traps
Catholic Orphanage Baria and Long Dien Farm and School
Fire Support Base Lynch - Long Khanh Province Memories
Xuan Loc - Long Khanh Camp Ogle E.M. Club, aerial shots and other photos


Photos kindly donated by Bob (Flo) Florance

(Added 11 October 2004)

      Maps Vietnam and Phuoc Thuy Province
        104 Signal Squadron and Nui Dat Abraham Club, Radio Troop Lines and other photos
         Vung Tau, Hoa Long and Dat Do Vung Tau, Route 15 and other areas
          Fire Support Base Mace Long Khanh Province - Home of the 3/1st Air Cavalry

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