Poetry and short stories

This area is intended for people to have their say through poetry, stories (tall tales or true), or reflections on a part of history that changed so many lives from around the globe. I started off with some musings of my own, and the site has gradually grown to include items from people with varying backgrounds, ages, and cultural diversities.

If you have a poem or short story that you would like to see included here please email it to me. Just click on the book. Remember that it must be your own work, as your name is the one that goes after it. If  you would like me to include a link to your own site through your name then I am quite happy to do so. If there is something you have read on another person's site you would like to see included here then feel free to ask them to email it to me. The worst they can do is say no :)

There is no way to post an article directly to this or any other page on the site It must be emailed to me first for approval.

Please be aware though that I do reserve the right to decide what is included here, and items of a pornographic nature or those intended to incite racial or other hatred won't even get a look in.


365 And A Wakey    By John Casey

A Question    By Larry Carson

A Veterans Child    By John Casey

Death of an Innocent    Author unknown, but a definite "must read".

Dreams    By John Casey

"Era: In Country, Stateside" -    By Marianne Bogel. Nurse USNR

Forgotten Me     By Debbie Peare

Freedom Flying    By Kendra Girod

Glory    By Douglas Bergman

Grandpa    By Jeff Cook   

I Believe  Author unknown

Insanity    By Lee O'Neill

I Believe In You    By Greg Bell

Just Names    By Debbie Peare

Just a Simple Soldier    By Lawrence Vaincourt

Lend Me    By Joe Casal 

Life    Author unknown

Life After Death    By John Casey

Mateship    By Lee O'Neill

Melissa    By John Casey

Nightmare    By Lee O'Neill

One More Night     By Terry Swanger

Reflections of a Viet Vet  By John G Sackis

Remembrance    By Leah Bishop

Remembrance Day    By Jeff Cook      

Tears Don't Change A Thing when It Comes To Viet Nam     By Larry Carson

The Legacy  By Jake Jacobsen

The Night Before Christmas      Author Unknown

The Wall  By J Lashoones U.S.M.C.

The Wall Around Us    By Lee O'Neill

To Bob Milne    By Emma Poteat

True Friends    By John Casey

We sent them off to fight in a far off distant land   By Jeff Cook   

Who Am I     By John Casey

Why?     By John Casey

Your Presence    By Collin McCarty

In A War They Were Sent To Fight  By Verla Denise Gower


Short Stories

An Hour of Your Time    Author unknown

Reflections On A Hot Day    Author unknown

Shattered Innocence    By John Casey


Bittersweet Memories

Behind The Wall     Author Unknown

Children Of The Wall    by Diane Moore

Dear Dad    by Diane Moore

Dodie's Story    by Dodie Anne Hecker

Forgotten Hero    by Diane Moore

The Mark Eklund Story   by Sister Helen P. Mrosia

The Power Of A Name    by Valerie

Who Is A P.O.W. - M.I.A ?    By Diane Moore





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